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I started The Power of Change to help you live your best life, regardless of the circumstances. I'm passionate about helping others enjoy a life of hope, happiness, opportunity, and success.

The Power of Change explores the potential to transform your life in meaningful ways by harnessing a power you may not know you have. I call it The Power of Change.

Everyone has a story, and every voice matters.

Stories are the essence of who we are as people. They provide a platform for personal growth throughout our lives. I’ll share stories that defined my life in the hopes that they offer a path forward for you in yours.

Join me as I discuss the power and potential we all hold within us.

About Me

I began telling stories when I was 12. It was an easy way for me to express myself. Writing was a passion. I studied Business and Marketing in college and quickly learned that all paths led back to writing.

I wrote and told stories throughout my career as a Corporate Marketing Executive, where I led teams at tech start-ups and large corporations. I helped build brands and grow businesses by telling stories. From advertising and public relations campaigns to video scripts, websites, product brochures, and promotional materials. It all came down to words on a page and my ability to communicate effectively to diverse audiences.

Now, I'm telling stories of hope, healing, and the power of change.

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At The Power of Change, you’ll find life lessons from parenting to personal finance, mindfulness to marketing, and advocacy to overcoming adversity. I’ll share stories of success, failure, joy, sadness, hope, healing, and personal growth and transformation.

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Everyone has a story, and every voice matters. Explore the potential to live your best life. I call it The Power of Change.


Tracy Mansolillo

Writer. Real Estate Agent. Strategist. Homeschooling Mom. Patient Advocate. Inspiring Change through Personal Growth and Transformation. Writing about living your best life despite a chronic illness.